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Egyptian Flying Horus Bird Falcon Holding Ankh Pendant Fashion Hip Hop Cost


QUALITY: This beautiful Egyptian jewelry pendant is made from the sturdiest materials to ensure its durability. Made of 316L stainless steel and gold plated
If you are taking good care, it will not fade, tarnish, rust or stain! The chain of the necklace is also stainless steel. Feel safe;
with this high quality pendant you will never lose your memories!
DESIGN: This workmanship of this pendant is just amazing. For hiphop-punk style of men.
make it jewelry of exquisite design. As one of our happy customer comments "The design is simple, yet strikingly beautiful".
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: The neutral design of this pendant makes it ideal for men
With such a minimalist design it can definitely match all your outfits, adding an elegant touch to your appearance!
GREAT GIFT IDEA: If you want to offer a unique present to your family and friends this is it!
You may want to add something in it to make it even more special and personalized.
Excellent Quality,You Deserve to own it